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The new IANOS® system from HUBER+SUHNER facilitates Base-2, 8, 12 and 24 pre-terminated cable systems for best in class density, speed of installation and scalability. Data rates from 1G to 120G can be seamlessly combined to provide the most future-proofed and flexible fiber management system on the market.

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Ortronics Infinium Fibre

Ideal for data centre, SAN or enterprise LAN applications, OptiMo fibre optic solutions support common, convenient approaches to fibre optic cabling. With advanced engineered solutions OptiMo solutions allow for neat and flexible cable routing leading to simple adds, moves and changes. Modular optical cassettes provide a system that is simple to design, quick to install, highly reliable, error proof and allows flexibility for growth.

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10 Pair CW1128 External Voice Cable

British telecom specification CW1128 covers a range of external duct grade cable generally used for external interconnections.



The cable is designed primarily for installing in ducts in the ‘D’ or Secondary side of local telecommunications networks. Various options are available including cable incorporating an aluminium/co-polymer-coated tape applied longitudinally over the paper core wrap acting as a moisture barrier (Compliant with BT Specification CW1179), aerial self supporting cable incorporating a steel support member for use in overhead applications (Compliant with BT Specification CW1252), and galvanised steel wire armoured version suitable for direct burial (Compliant with BT Specification CW1198). The product is also available with filling compound suitable for tropical climates with a drop point greater than 80ºC.


Twisted pairs in 10 Pair Units. The pair range is 2 – 100.

Product Description

Plain annealed solid copper wire, cellular polyethylene insulation, twisted pairs, petroleum jelly filling, paper core wrap and black low density polyethylene sheath.


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