COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

17U Wall Mounted ODF

• Robust steel construction
• Available in black or grey
• Width 700mm, depth 300mm and height 780mm (13U) or
920mm (17U)
• Capacity excl. cross-connect 26 Fiber Trays (624 fibers) or
34 Fiber Trays (816 fibers)
• Removable doors and side panels
• C-shaped frame with rear-mounted 19" rails
• Centralised grounding of all panels
• Lockable steel door


The WCB7 cabinet is a compact optical distribution frame which can be used either as a splicing point inside the building entry
point (BEP) or alternatively as a zone distributor close to equipment racks inside the data center. This dual functionality is only
possible because of the wide variety of fiber trays that can be integrated such as pigtail splicing, MTP «plug & play» or M3K
cable systems.

The capacity of the WCB7 varies depending on application, however if completely full with MTP fiber trays, the WCB13 has a
capacity of 624 and the WCB17 a capacity of 816 LC connections. It is important to note that this cabinet is not supplied with
patch cord over-length storage as standard, therefore it may be necessary to add an over-length storage unit to the lower area of
the rack if a cross-connect application is required. This will reduce the capacity of the cabinet by at least 4U of space or 8 × fiber
trays (192 fibers).


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